Thursday, 26 August 2010

One self proclaimed ‘genius’ who very might well be just that.

Earlier this year Alexis Petridis played a track from a little known artist called Perfume Genius on the Guardian Music Weekly’s Single’s Club. I was instantly hooked, and went off to find out more.

Disappointingly there was little out there to discover at the time, however several months later Perfume Genius was back in The Guardian. This time with a track called The Drum. Blissed out harmonies float over a simple piano melody in about as striped down a track as you can get. Yet it is absolutely magical.

The video too is spell-binding. It reminds me of the cartoons you’d get before the main feature in the good old days when you got value for money at the cinema. Maybe it’s the nostalgic quality that gets me (I’m sure Professor Indie would have an anthropological answer for me) but I absolutely love it.

Perfumed Genius has an album out, which disappointingly doesn’t feature this track. Yet there are many other gems in there waiting to be mined. I would say this is one to watch for 2011, but I’m usually always wrong about things other people pick up on. What can I say – some people recognise true genius while others listen to Scouting for Girls.