Sunday, 8 November 2009

Shuffle Sunday

It appears that someone has stolen several hours or even days out of my week. One minute it was Monday and then the next it was Friday, and I can barely remember anything in the middle. If someone has found those missing hours can you please let me know as I had so much I wanted to do with them.

Due to this shortness of time, today's blog will be short and sweet. It's a Sunday Shuffle dedicated to my dearest Severin who was complaining the other day of not enough good instrumental tracks for the latest show he's working on. I do like to try and infiltrate the BBC with my music, and the rare occassion one of my choices makes the final cut it does give me a very cheap thrill (as opposed to the very expenses thrills I give others). So if you hear any of the following popping up in a BBC documentary then you know the Mistress has been at work.

Shuffle Sunday - 08/11/09

Track listings:

1. The XX - Intro
Enough's been said about The XX recently without me boring you further with my dull opinion. All you need to know is that I love 'em.

2. Boards of Canada - Roygbiv
I love the way this starts really dark and scary. Then you hear the amazing piano line and children's voices, and it feels like such a relief. Phew! Everything is going to be alright after all. Simply beautiful!

3. Plaid - Eyen (not available)
Sadly this wasn't available on Spotify, but do check it out because it is an extraordinary track. I could easily imagine it in Dr Who or Star Trek when the hero reaches an intergalatic garden of Eden full of lazers, spaceships and sexy girls in silver mini skirts. Without wanting to sound like Mr Job's advertising agency, it is available on iTunes.

4. Noah and the Whale - Instrumental Part 1
From the latest album comes another great builder with the full force of an orchestra behind it. Quite unlike their usual minimalist folk approach it is a welcome and refreshing change.

5. Supergrass - Coffee in the Pot
It's plain sillyness but I love it. Just try listening to it without tapping your feet...go on, just try!

6. DJ Rolando - Jaguar (not available)
Seems Spotfiy isn't so great on the dance front. I was disappointed to find the ommission from their database of this this early noughties dance music classic. Amazing beats and beeps from the Underground Resistance camp, and then there's the strings...oh the strings!

So these are some of my faourites. If you think there is something essential that I'm missing though, do let me know.

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