Friday, 5 March 2010

Support the music not the touts

The other night, as previously mentioned, I went to see The XX. As we left the venue there were two touts outside selling bootleg band t-shirts. And at £5 per t-shirt they were doing a brisk trade.

Seeing this kind of thing makes my heart sink. Although people buying these shirts might think they were getting a bargain, even in the dark I could tell that these shirts were rubbish quality. What’s more they’re steeling money from the band, a band most of those people were probably claiming to love just a few minutes earlier.

So here is a plea to you all – please don’t buy from touts. These guys don’t love the music like we do. They don’t give a shit about it. From selling over priced tickets on Ebay to selling knock off merchandise outside venues, they are destroying the music scene. Don’t give them a helping hand in doing that!

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