Monday, 15 March 2010

Why the world needs Lady Gaga

Since its launch on Friday the new Lady Gaga video (featuring Beyoncé’s) has received 15 million hits. It seems the world has gone Gaga, and in my mind, rightly so.

Although I think that many of those 15 million will be teenage boys who’ll jizz in their pants at the sheer mention of a lesbian kiss, there is much more to it than that. In fact watching it, I feel like a spoilt kid at Christmas. There is so damn much in it that I have to watch it several times to take it all in. The video for Bad Romance was much the same. I have to agree with Pitchfork in fearing that they’re throwing so much into these videos that they’ll quickly run out of ideas. Sustaining the freak show will be difficult.

It’s not all good of course. Both videos have rather standard pop dance routines at the key change, and the necessity for women in pop to wear as little as possible is always tiresome. In addition the overt product placement makes me want to scratch my eyes out. But having said all that the video is a spectacle – it oozes creativity and is totally hilarious (the cigarette sunglasses being my favourite). It is the moment that sees Gaga snatch the Queen of Pop crown right off Madonna’s botox filled head.

Gaga brings to the world a breath of much needed fresh air. Although I think the actual music is diabolical, laden with terrible euro pop synths, she puts personality and performance back into pop. I think before the next series of X-Factor all contestants should be made to watch and take notes on Lady Gaga. That way we might get a bit of life into the conveyer belt.

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  1. Agree - a proper 'star' - and I like the Tarantino references in the second part - but also think that this is her weakest single to date, and the product placement is annoying (but this could be another way for musicians to earn revenue - I can see it now The Fratellis 'placing' a can of Tennants lager in their video, Ellie Goulding wearing a pair of glasses from Specsavers for a reshoot of Starry Eyed maybe ?)