Thursday, 14 January 2010

Manchester's Back!

I don’t normally go in for reviews of albums, mainly because I’m not organised or nerdy enough to get anything written in time for a new album coming out. By the time I get round to putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) there are reviews all over the blogosphere and any addition by me would feel a bit redundant.

This is exactly what happened with Acolyte by Manchester band, Delphic, which came out on Monday. The difference this time being that I didn’t think any of the reviews entirely did the album justice. They weren’t negative, they just didn’t seem as moved by it as I am.

Delphic caught my eye in the BBC Sound of 2010 line up, but I wasn’t overwhelmed at first. However the new album far exceeded expectations. It is full of warmth and energy and seems to capture a spirit that seems to have been lost in the music scene in the last few years. As the synths coil around your ears you feel almost hypnotised. Then the beat kicks in and suddenly you’re transported back to the 90s in desperate search of a glow stick.

Delphic aren’t groundbreaking by any means. In fact they often sound a little bit like something you’ve heard before. What that something is though – New Orbital, Orbital, Hot Chip? – is never quite clear. They seem to have blended a range of influences into something new and exciting that in my eyes definitely seems fit to become the first big sound of the new decade.

So if you like indie a bit dancey, or your dance a bit indie, then definitely give this band a go. I guarantee you’ll be making shapes on the dancefloor by sundown.

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