Tuesday, 9 February 2010

If Cameron's bagged Radiohead, who will Brown go for?

In 1997 Labour swooped in to power and everyone cheered and saw only birds singing and pixies dancing over rainbows. Everyone that is, except me.

Although I hate the Tories, and my heart sinks at the thought of them winning the next election, I’ve never voted for Labour. The reason being is that while most people were distracted by the pixies I couldn’t shake that horrible tune out of my head. Yes, go on, think back…remember now? I’m referring to their campaign anthem - D:Ream’s Things Can Only Get Better. How could I vote for a party with such terrible music tastes?

Of course Cameron has tried to make himself ‘down with the kids’ by citing his love of The Smiths and Radiohead. He even went as far to claim that Thom Yorke played a tune at his request at a recent gig, a claim that Yorke hotly denied.

So as the election draws near it begs the question: what will the music accompanying this year’s party campaigns be? I have some suggestions of my own, but maybe you can think of more.

Radiohead’s Creep does spring to mind, but since Davo is also such a Smith’s fan maybe he should pick something from their back catalogue. My suggestion is Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want.

Well many may suggest Can’t Stand Me Now by The Libertines, or I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better (when you’re gone) by The Byrds. However a more sensible suggestion might be The Rolling Stones’ Try a Little Harder.

Liberal Democrats
Well, let’s face it, they’re only going to get in on a wing and a prayer. My suggestion is that they go for the sympathy vote and so could try Remember Me, by Blue Boy.

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